The palais Brongniart, imaginated by the architect of the same name, was inaugurated in 1826. Requested at start by Napoléon Bonaparte to gather all financial operations in a unique place, the monument has been Paris stock exchange marketplace, the "Bourse", until 1998. Today, it is an important exhibition and conference center.

The hotel Gramont Paris is a Boutique hotel that stands near "Place de la Bourse". It is at about 5 min walk (how to go there). It is a privileged starting point to access this district ("quartier") and its history.

The "Bourse de Paris" district

The construction of the palais Brongniart led to unique economical dynamics of the district. Numerous banks, exchange brokers offices were opened in the neighbouring streets (and in particular "rue de Grammont") to make business around the ativities of the marketplace. Today the head-offices of the greatest banks are installed on and around the "grands boulevards". Next to "la Bourse", one also finds numerous shops for currency change, gold exchange, coins collectors....

The economical activity and the attractivity of the boulevard and its cafes and bars, meeting places for passionate economical or political discussions, have also powered the development of all the newspaper editorial boards in the nearby. For instance, the Figaro headquarter still stands at the junction of rue Laffite and boulevard Haussmann. Also at 142 rue de Montmartre, the beautiful facade of the disappeared newspaper "La France" still remains, even if the building now accomodates a supermarket....

Here covered passages also abound. Built in the XIXth century, these paths were real covered streets, where passers-by were protected from external rackets and muds. The crossing of the Colbert passage, of the Galerie Vivienne or Panoramas passage is a timelesstravel through two centuries of parisian life.

A food lover district

In our district, fine food lovers will pamper their taste buds.

Various atmospheres, large culinary diversity... from traditional cooking to bistronomy, the restaurants in quartier de la Bourse are travels through time and space...

Discover the restaurants in the Galerie Vivienne or Panoramas passage to enjoy a terrine de foie aux pistache at Bougainville, a venitian risotto at Caffee Stern or delicate Gyozas at Gyozas bar in authentic decorations. Along the rue Saint-Anne, the main street of the japonese district in Paris, numerous restaurants, sometimes boui-boui like, offer the best japanese cooking...

Our small streets are often home to a restaurant, an originality, an atmosphere, a talent and sometimes few stars... Discover them! The Accents, rue Feydeau, the Marcore, rue des panoramas, the Gavroche, rue St Marc, the original tapas at A noste, rue du 4 septembre, Joia, rue des jeuneurs... and so many other tastes....

Le quartier de la Bourse is a very central and human-scale district that one will enjoy walking through to discover its most precious secrets.

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