Back to school favorites around the Gramont!

Looking for something to do in Paris?

September is the month of the new year and of discoveries!
Museums renew their galleries and new events are created for this autumn.
Team Gramont has selected exhibitions, museums and plays to keep you entertained!

1. The must-see exhibitions of the fall

Fashion lovers: Shocking: The Surreal Worlds of Elsa Schiaparelli - Les mondes surréalistes
d’Elsa Schiaparelli

This autumn and until 22 January 2023, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris is paying tribute to the creations of Elsa Schiaparelli through the "Shocking" retrospective! This is an opportunity for you to discover the life of the designer through her works. No less than 520 pieces will be presented in this exhibition, ranging from sculptures, jewelry, perfume bottles and, of course, her haute couture! Enter the world of Schiaparelli and discover an inimitable style inspired by the circus arts and nature!

A point of history: Frida Kahlo beyond appearances - Frida Kahlo au-delà des apparences

From 15 September 2022 until 5 March 2023, discover the exhibition "Frida Kahlo beyond appearances" at the Palais Galliera. Enter the intimacy of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century and discover 200 objects from the Casa Azul, the house where Frida was born and raised: her clothes, accessories, cosmetics, and other personal effects... Learn a little more about the artist's life and the influence she brought to contemporary fashion!

Immersion: Venice revealed - Venise révélée

Bring Venice to you! From September 21 to February 19, 2023, visit the immersive exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, which will transport you and bring you closer to the engineering miracle of Venice. Through never-before-seen images and interactive devices, (re)discover this city, which is as surprising in its beauty as in the mystery that surrounds it!

2. Plays that will amaze you

A masterful play that will leave a lasting impression:

Alan Turing, the English mathematician who broke the secret German Enigma code during the Second World War, built a thinking machine that would turn out to be the first computer. Follow his moving story of his great discovery through his many disappointments and let history take you on a journey.
La Machine de Turing, from 17/08/2022 to 30/11/2022, Théâtre du Palais Royal

A play in which you are the hero:

Dernier coup de Ciseaux is a crime comedy that is totally interactive with the audience. Each
evening, a murder is committed, it's up to you to solve the mystery and discover who is
behind the crime! Voted Molière for Best Comedy, 11th year of performance, what are you
waiting for?
Dernier coup de Ciseaux, from 16/08/2022 to 17/12/2022, Théâtre Mathurins

A great classic revisited:

Here is a funny adaptation of this great classic by Emile Zola! You probably knew the Bon Marché Rive Gauche for a shopping session, but to celebrate its 170th anniversary, the store invites you to participate in a totally immersive show. Take part in the investigation and wander from scene to scene to solve all the mysteries!
Au Bonheur des Dames, from 02/09/2022 to 30/12/2022 at Bon Marché Rive Gauche

3. The must-see museums to get your culture on in the autumn

The most beautiful museums of the capital are located in the heart of Paris, not far from the Hotel Gramont. Here are the must-see museums during your trip to Paris!

Only 8 minutes’ walk from our hotel Gramont, discover the fascinating world of the Opera Garnier realized by Charles Garnier at the behest of Napoléon III. This young architect was made famous throughout the world by Gaston Leroux and his Phantom of the Paris Opera. A symbol of the City of Light, it is the only active theatre in the world that is both a place of art and creation and a monument steeped in history, whose beauty is utterly fascinating.

The Louvre is another world-renowned monument that is a well of wealth and knowledge. With a collection of 480,000 works of art, you will see the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo or even the Great Sphinx of Tanis. Don't forget to book before you go so you don't have to wait
at the entrance!

If you want to get off the beaten path, head north of Paris, just a 15-minute walk from our hotel, to visit the Musée de La Vie Romantique (16 rue Chaptal, Paris 9ème). A true haven of peace in the heart of Paris, this museum is housed in the home of the painter Ary Scheffer, recreating a harmonious historical setting evoking the Romantic era. Enjoy a warm coffee under the garden's veranda and spend a quiet moment far from the Parisian tumult! We loved finding and offering you this selection of museums, restaurants and theatres. See you next month for our new favourite addresses around Gramont!

You want more? For the following days and weeks, don't miss the Heritage Days on 17 and 18 September or La Nuit Blanche in Paris on 1 October! Once a year, Paris opens its doors for a nightly cultural celebration. For these occasions, you will be able to visit many museums around our Gramont hotel for free: The Opéra Garnier, La Maison Boucheron, the ComédieFrançaise or even the Institut National de l'Histoire de l'Art. Grab your camera and make the most of your visits in September and October!

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