1. A Noste
French cuisine from the South-West

A convivial and warm cuisine, both urban and rural, full of flavors, inspired from the South-West.

6 bis rue du Quatre-Septembre, Paris 75002 - 4 minutes walking

Gourmet cuisine

Joia boasts a casual and warm elegance. Grandmothers' recipes are combined with London, New York and Italian-inspired delicacies.

39 rue des Jeuneurs, Paris 75002 - 8 minutes walking

3. Bambou
Thai cuisine

Bambou offers a simple but varied menu, a true Thai cuisine that favors French products for a good eco-responsible sense.

23 rue des Jeuneurs, Paris 75002 - 10 minutes walking

4. Cédric Grolet Opéra

Here, quality rhymes with limited quantity, the freshness of a vennoiserie just out of the oven or an inimitable pastry ...

35 avenue de l’Opéra, Paris 75002 - 7 minutes walking

5. Les Noces de Jeannette
Traditional French cuisine

Historical restaurant, a century old, offering typical dishes and a lot of wines.

14 rue Favart, Paris 75002 - 2 minutes walking

6. Caffè Concerto Paris
Italian cuisine

Italian restaurant, serving delicious dishes speaking with a souther accent, from Naples and the Pouilles through Piémont.

24 rue de Gramont, Paris 75002 - 1 minute walking

7. Holybol
Thai cuisine

Contemporary Thai cantina designed with white, black and red. Offering dishes to compose and homemade desserts.

23 Passage Verdeau, Paris 75009 - 3 minutes walking

8. Gwadar
Indian cuisine

Indian gastronomy dishes are well chosen and served in this dimly lit place.

39 rue Saint-Roch, Paris 75001 - 9 minutes walking

9. Juste
Seafood restaurant

Marine grocery shop and also a restaurant, proposing a simple and stylish cuisine, with sodium and without booking.

48 rue Lafitte, Paris 75009 - 7 minutes walking

10. La Crêperie traditionnelle

Your crepes prepared according to the original recipe, in the purest tradition from Brittany. Sit-in or take away.

2 rue de Hanovre, Paris 75002 - 3 minutes walking

11. Japanese District
Japanese cuisine

A very wide choices of Japanese restaurants you can find just next door.

rue Sainte-Anne, Paris 75002 - 5 minutes walking

12. Autour du Yangste
Chinese cuisine

You will find there one of the tastiest specialities from Shanghaï : xiao long bao. Hard to find in Paris because they require a savoir-faire.

12 rue du Hedler, Paris 75009 - 5 minutes walking

13. Bien Élevé
Meat restaurant

Meats and bistronomic cuisine are honored in this restaurant designed with a sophisticated and contemporary decoration.

47 rue Richer, Paris 75009 - 10 minutes walking

14. Mûre
Vegetarian cuisine

Colorful and cosy restaurant proposing homemade cuisine for breakfast, lunch and tea time.

6 rue Saint-Marc, Paris 75002 - 6 minutes walking

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